NOTE: Testing is only done using the Docker Method. anyway, it should not matter whether you run your application using the Docker Method or the Standalone Method. Testing is independent of it.

Now, testing is the main deal of the project. You can test in many ways, namely, using make commands as mentioned in the below commands, which automates everything and you don’t have to know anything else, like what test library or framework is being used, how the tests are happening, either directly or via docker containers, or may be different virtual environments using tox. Nothing is required to be known.

On the other hand if you want fine control over the tests, then you can run them directly, either by using pytest commands, or via tox commands to run them in different python environments or by using docker-compose commands to run differetn tests.

But running the make commands is lawasy the go to strategy and reccomended approach for this project.

NOTE: Tox can be used directly, where docker containers will not be used. Although we can try to run tox inside our test contianers that we are using for running the tests using the make commands, but then we would have to change the Dockerfile and install all the python dependencies like python2.7, python3.x and then run tox commands from inside the docker containers which then run the pytest commands which we run now to perform our tests inside the current test containers.

CAVEAT: The only caveat of using the make commands directly and not using tox is we are only testing the project in a single python environment, nameley python 3.6.

  • To Test everything

    $ make test

    Any Other method without using make will involve writing a lot of commands. So use the make command preferrably

  • To perform Unit Tests

    $ make test-unit
  • To perform Component Tests

    $ make test-component
  • To perform Contract Tests

    $ make test-contract
  • To perform Integration Tests

    $ make test-integration
  • To perform End To End (e2e) or System or UI Acceptance or Functional Tests

    $ make test-e2e
    # OR
    $ make test-system
    # OR
    $ make test-ui-acceptance
    # OR
    $ make test-functional